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This program is designed for small transport business with a single depot. It allows performing traffic and workshop managing tasks.

Most recently the product was updated for a company in USA, requiring the following enhancements to the system to bring it inline with North American standards and requirements:

  • support of information about customers, trucks, trailers, drivers specific for the American market;
  • integration with ProMiles;
  • integration with QuickBooks;
  • improve the general look and user-friendliness of the application.


Traffic Module

Managing quotations, jobs, shipping and delivery notes, rate schedules for separate customers, loads with jobs for different truck types, invoices (per job or for a list of jobs) and credit notes (with history). A warning is displayed in case of overloads either by weight or by dimensions. It is then possible to split a job between several loads.

Workshop Module

Managing estimates (including labor and needed parts), jobs, labor charging rates, stock and non-stock parts, tyres, fuel and oil, workshop invoices and credit notes (with credit note history). Includes printing job and service sheets.

Security Module

Limiting access and setting up permissions for separate program functions for every user individually.

Replication module

This module allows export/import of data between remote offices of the company. It transfers data using XML format. Implemented using simple wizards. Allows selective (not complete) import and export, with full control of the process and manual resolution of ambiguity.

Integration with Access Accounts

The program allows exporting traffic and workshop invoices and credit notes to Access Acounts accounting software (read more about this system at or

Technical Details

System Requirements:

  • Celeron 400MHz, RAM 128 MB
  • Windows 98, Microsoft SQL Server (MSDE 7.0, 7.0, 2000)

Technologies Used

This project was developed using MS Visual Basic 6.0 and MS SQL Server 7.0. The architecture of it is standard client-server (see the diagram below). Database access is implemented using ADO interface.


These are some examples of the various kinds of screen and data presentation modes used in the application. Please contact us if you would like a further demonstration of the software’s features and possibilities.

Load planning screen:
TruckBusiness - Load planning

Costing explorer screen:
TruckBusiness - Costing explorer

Warehouse consignment screen:
TruckBusiness - Warehouse consignment

Truck parameters screen:
TruckBusiness - Truck parameters