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By on January 11, 2009

Goal of TecWire UK is to provide its clients with professionally developed but affordable custom WEB applications and Mobile applications to improve their business processes and increase profitability. TechWire UK uses a ‘best of both worlds’ combination of UK analysts and project managers with overseas development resources based in Ukraine. By providing the management and support of experienced UK staff along with talented and well qualified overseas software engineers we provide a fully managed service that guarantees quality and ensures best possible value for money.

The main benefits of TechWire UK are:

  • Development expertise in Ukraine costs less than in the UK.
  • Professional UK analysts and managers help achieve the right balance between low cost, high productivity development and quality.
  • Existing systems, procedures and processes established and proven over an eight year period ensure quality and productivity.
  • Talented, creative software engineers push the boundaries of what is possible to benefit your business.
  • Overseas outsourcing is available to all businesses today, no previous experience required.
  • Support and maintenance systems and procedures ensure we don’t stop when the development is complete.

So if your company is located in UK, we recommend that you head over to and check if the combined offer of local analysis and management and remote development and QA will suit you best.