About Us

AlphaTech is a software development company headquartered in Greater Seattle Area with our main development office, TechWire, located in Dnipro, Ukraine. Our success is based on establishing long-term partnership arrangements with our clients by ensuring great communication regardless of geographical and cultural distances, delivering high-quality products on time, and providing reliable quality assurance, deployment and maintenance services.

Founded in 1999. Has 25 full time employees (up to 50 at times) with a possibility to expand. Served 14 clients in 10 countries. Completed 30 projects ranging from one week to several years of effort.


The software engineers at AlphaTech are highly qualified, and have a wide spectrum of practical knowledge. The summary of technologies used in the projects done in AlphaTech:

  • Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL
  • Languages: C#, Visual C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Perl, ASP, PHP
  • Web-development: HTML, JavaScript (including JQuery, JQuery UI, Ember.JS, Knockout, Kendo etc), CSS
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, including good practical knowledge of ASP.NET / MVC
  • Mobile development for iPhone and Android, using Cordova (PhoneGap) / HTML5 / jQuery Mobile and native approaches
  • Browser Extensions and Addons: Experience developing browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, using both a third party cross-platform framework, and using native browser APIs. Also, some experience in creating addons for Atlassian ecosystem (JIRA, Confluence etc)
  • Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, as well as lower-level frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC
  • Miscellaneous Technologies: REST, XML, XSLT, COM+

"We partnered with AlphaTech to build version 1.0 of our B2B SaaS app. We were bootstrapping and needed a cost-effective way to extend our small team. Like everyone, the things we looked for in an offshore dev team were technical chops, data security, and communication skills. Alphatech checked all the boxes. However, it’s the things you appreciate only after you’ve started working with an offshore team that ultimately matter. Things like source code communications (comments) and reliability. AlphaTech’s developers written English skills are excellent, reducing new developer ramp-up time. Both their developers and team leads were extremely reliable and could be counted on in the clutch. Roadmap is getting acquired, in part, because of the great work done by AlphaTech."

— Bill King, CEO & Co-Founder, Roadmap

"CloudPatterns and AlphaTech have been engaged in many successful IT projects since 2000. We appreciate their dedication and expertise and would recommend this company to any potential clients."

— David Clausen, CloudPatterns